About Us

KI Systems and services Pvt. Ltd. is a software development company established way back in 1986. The company management changed hands in 2010. The new management has decided to focus on Marketing and sales of Website, tailor made softwares, and software products.

We have chosen a path where others do not hope to tread on. We believe in the transparent transactions either way. i.e. with customers as well as suppliers. This assures our customers the BEST Comfort level Collabrations. The company has a tie up for production of software, websites, etc. with M/s. Infotools, a software development SSI registered unit.

Madhav Karandikar

Mr. Madhav Karandikar, the director (operations) of the company, has been working in the field of Information Technology for the past 30 years. He has wide experience in software right from COBOL days to websites using the PHP and MySQL. He conducts Corporate Training courses in Visual basic 6.0, PHP & MySQL.
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Kishori Khadilkar

Mrs. Kishori Khadilkar is working with us as Consultant Technical Consultant.
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Kirti Ramdasi

Mrs. Kirti Ramdasi is associated with us as Consultant for HR domain and Software Engineering expert. At present she working at HOD, Department of Computer Technology, Ekalavya Polytechnic, Pune.
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Anagha Deo

Mrs. Anagha Deo is working with us as Consultant Back office management.


Bhaskar Karandikar works as a Consulting Engineer on engineering projects. Can be reached at Consulting Engineer