Terms Of Service

Sr.No Terms
1 The company reserves the right to stop hosting website, without any notice to the website owner / client, if payment(s) due is / are not promptly paid on or before due date.
2 The Website owner / Client will be merely licensee to use the same on website where it is hosted.
3 Since the website has proprietory programming logic used, it is not possible to transfer / return the contents as displayed on the website.
4 Any payment, including advance for work assignment given, made to our company is ABSOLUTELY NON-REFUNDABLE, irrespective of any agreement, Purchase Order by the client may say as part of their terms and conditions.
5 Prices / charges for all add-on modules are package prices. i.e. with existing set of features. Any change in specifications, improvements will be charged separately.
6 If website is to be hosted at a place other than where our company hosts, then charges for design, deployment, and maintenance will be different from what is mentioned in the tariff plan.
7 Minimum ₹ 10,000/- will be charged for transfer of website from us to somewhere else within 5 years from the date of first invoice.
8 If any third party software is installed and used on web hosting space, then it will be entirely at the risk of the Website owner. We shall not be responsible, in anyway, for any hacking, spam attacks as such packages are prone to these activities. e.g. Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and so on.
9 Internet business runs on a chain of service providers, we being part of that chain of service providers, all agreements that are binding us on from our providers are automatically binding upon our client. For any breach of such agreement(s) by the client, the client will be personally responsible for claims, damages, any other type of amount demanded by third party and as such the client will need to take care of such incidents.
10 In case of disupte(s), if any, it will be subject to the EXCLUSIVE Jurisdiction of the Courts at PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA only. By giving / assigning work to us you have given your unconditional ascent to this condition.
11 Email Disclaimer